In light of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we are taking extra precautions to ensure patients remain safe and healthy during visits to our pharmacy. We also want to keep our staff healthy so that we can continue to provide the best care for our patients.

The virus can spread from person to to person, through droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Best steps for prevention include staying home when sick, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue before throwing away followed by washing hands, and washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

The CDC and health professionals recommend that if you or a household member is experiencing a fever, cold or flu-like symptoms, or if you have been exposed to someone with these symptoms OR if you have traveled to a country or US city with sustained transmission of coronavirus in the past 3 weeks, you stay home. You can send a healthy family member or friend, use our drive through, or use our mail service.

If you develop more severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, high fever, or changes in consciousness, we recommend you go to your nearest emergency room, or call 911.

Please visit the following websites for more information:

For your convenience and safety, we are able to mail you prescriptions to your home for the price of your prescription and postage fee. Feel free to call us at 541-536-1111 or visit our website for further details if you are interested in this service.

A friendly reminder that we are not experiencing extreme drug shortages at this time. You can still refill your prescriptions when you need them by visiting our website at

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you in the future. Please call us with questions or concerns.


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